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Robotic vacuum cleaner with air purifier.
An emergency lug nut removing device for changing tire that use lighter plug as the power source.
    Survival Pod
An award winning concept of first aid kit for any disaster
Ocera Boat
A new concept of the 22' family boat.
    Flo Lamp
A real floor lamp that shinning a ceiling.
Web Clock
An alarm clock that inspired by web cam.
    Kitchen Aid
A breakthrough in kitchen appliances by using magnetic technology.
Prism Book End
A toy like book end for glass shelve or desk.
    High Back Chair
Wood and metal structure with fabric upholster.
Advanced circular blade technology for clean shaving.
    Ripple Coaster
Coasters that can be a trivet.
Advanced LED technology for ever lasting.
A man complete grooming kit. It mounts to the wall for easy use. Self cleaning feature.
Mechanical toy with different kind of movements and patterns.
An advanced LED light bulb. Available in cool and warm white color.
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